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In addition to providing world-class contract manufacturing services Time 24 provide a range of support services to offer added value to our customers. We provide specialist wiremen on to our customer’s sites to provide manufacturing servicer We provide both Kitting and Kanban services and we have a large procurement team who are sourcing competitively across the globe.


In addition to supplying proven build and assembly services Time 24 can support this with a full project component kitting service incorporating full traceability requirements and Kanban top up services. All of this can be supported by our by provision of our experienced contract labour for on site applications where required.


Over thirty years Time 24 have developed excellent supply chains throughout the world and we source components and metalwork extremely competitively. In particular we have developed a range of metalwork fabricators across eastern Europe who add value, provide excellent quality product and are extremely competitive.

Contract Labour + Installation

Time 24 employ a range of highly experienced and trained technicians who our customers often call on to work on their sites.  This can be for temporary capacity issues or to supply installation of manufactured product. We keep excellent training records for all staff all of whom are trained to IPC WHMA/A/620 workmanship standards.


In addition to our Contract Manufacturing and Contract labour services we can support this with a Kanban top up service for shop floor inventories and line side feed.