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Time 24 possess a wealth of experience in complex loom and harness building.  Providing intricate wiring for such diverse applications as aircraft, rail vehicles, fighting vehicles, ships, oil platforms, radiotherapy machines, simulators, machine tools and many other applications has given Time 24 significant expertise in this area.  With a full design service, over 3000 crimp tools and advanced test gear supported by an on site installation team we are market leaders in this field.

With automatic test facilities able to test over 2000 points at one time Time 24 have thirty years experience of building wiring harnesses of the utmost complexity. Above is a wiring harness used on the current range of Crossrail Trains passing through London. Time 24 have provided the wiring on over 8000 rail carriages across Europe.
Time 24 have certificated trainers developing our staff to work at the highest levels of IPC WHMA/A/620 workmanship standards. Our reputation for advanced workmanship has allowed us to build wiring harnesses on many defence projects and the company spends over £1 million on military circular connectors allowing us to be very competitive in this area.
Our painstaking quality standards have enabled us to build wiring harnesses for radiotherapy machines across the world. Seen above is part of a wiring harness driving the automatics of a Radiotherapy couch. Time 24 possess state of the art test equipment allowing us to test to any level our customers require including continuity , insulation resistance, Hipot, Surge etc. Our range of over 2000 crimp tools enables us to make virtually every kind of wiring harness without applying tooling charges.
Having supplied the wiring harnesses on over 1000 Aircraft Simulators , 2000 Radiotherapy machines ,8000 Rail Carriages , 1000 Fighting vehicles and 1500 Aircraft our thirty years experience in this industry is vast. Our reputation for providing quality of the highest standard in the most demanding of environments makes us the first choice for many world class customers including Bombardier , Alstom , Siemens , Schneider, Varian Radiotherapy , KnorrBremse , Wabtec, Harris , Veolia , Faiveley, L3-Com Simulation and many others .